How to Install Cinema HD APK on Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint)

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Cinema HD lovers often ask is there any way to install Cinema HD APK on Linux and we are happy to say that yes, you can easily install Cinema HD on Linux operating system. Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mint can easily install Cinema App.

Cinema HD is right now the only app for movies and TV shows/series app that is working in 2022. There is a huge demand for this application and that’s why people want to install Cinema HD APK on their PC or Laptop running on the Linux Operating system.

We have personally installed and tested Cinema HD APK on our Linux running laptop and it works absolutely fine and there are no issues faced so far. So, we decided why not write an article about the same, so that we can help users in installing Cinema HD v2 on their Linux devices.

Since we all know Cinema HD is an android based application, you can officially download and install Cinema HD on Android without any problem but for installing this app on Linux operating system you need to use the indirect method.

So now let’s see what is a method to install Cinema on Linux PC/Laptop.

Cinema HD APK on Linux

What is the method of installing Cinema HD on Linux?

Since we already stated above that you can not officially install Cinema HD on your Linux OS. So, now you must be thinking what is the method to install Cinema v2 on Linux so the answer is an Android emulator. Yes, you read it right, we will take the help of an Android emulator to install Cinema HD.

Now there are so many Android emulators available for Linux OS but the emulator that we gonna use today is shashlik. So don’t worry if you don’t know how this process will work, I have written all the steps below. But the very first thing you need to have is Cinema HD APK downloaded on your Linux-based computer.

Download Cinema HD APK

So first thing first, you need to download Cinema HD APK on your computer and the easiest way of doing so is by clicking on the below download button. So, don’t worry just click on the below button and then you will land on the download page of Cinema HD v2 and from there you can download the APK.

Download Cinema HD V2.4 [Latest]

Steps to Install Shashlik Android Emulator on Linux?

Now in order to install Cinema HD, you first need to have the Shashlik Android emulator installed on your Linux system, and then only you can install Cinema HD APK.

  • Download the APK from above.
  • If you are using Linux for long then we are pretty sure that you are familiar with installing deb package file. Even if you are not don’t worry we have provided the steps below.
  • You need to first download the repo by using the commands that are written below. So open your terminal and enter the following command:
    $ mkdir ~/bin
    $ PATH=~/bin:$PATH
  • After writing the above commands, enter the below command on your next screen:
    $ curl > ~/bin/repo
    $ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo
  • Now to sync repo you need to create a new directory and that can be done by entering the below command:
    mkdir shashlik
    cd shashlik
    repo init -u
    repo sync
  • Now below are the command to finally install the Shashlik android emulator:
    source build/

Congrats You have successfully installed the Shahslik android emulator on your Linux-running computer. Now is the time to add Cinema HD to the Android emulator and start using the app.

Steps to Install Cinema HD APK on Linux via Shahslik Emulator

Now you have done all the steps almost now its time to open the Shahslik Android emulator on your computer and then there you need to download the Cinema APK. Now it is very easy to do, you just need to follow the below steps.

  • First of all, launch the Shahslik Android emulator on your system.
  • Now when the Emulator is opened you need to download the Cinema HD APK from the above download section (you must have already downloaded it).
  • Simply drag and drop the APK inside your Shahslik emulator.
  • Once you do that, the installation process will begin.
  • Wait until the installation is done.
  • Once that is done you are all set to use Cinema HD on Linux.

Final Words

Now you have installed Cinema on your Linux system and now you are ready to watch the latest movies and TV shows for free. It was not very difficult to install Cinema on Linux, right? I hope this article helped you in installing your favorite Cinema HD v2 APK. If you are struggling with any steps that we shared above then do let us know by taking the help of below comment section. We will try our best to answer your query within 24 hours.


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