Download Cinema HD APK on Android Smartphone V2.4.0

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This article will help you in installing Cinema HD APK on Android devices so if you are interested then read the article till the very end.

Cinema HD is considered to be one of the oldest apps to watch movies and TV shows for free. Earlier the app was known as HDMovies and then it went down because of obvious reasons but again developer released the app but this time they rebranded it and now we know this app by the name of Cinema HD APK.

The best part about Cinema HD is that it almost works on every Android device, doesn’t matter if your device is low-end, mid-end, or high-end. The app is customized and optimized in such a way that even a budget smartphone can run it. The app is well known for its big library of movies and TV shows, the best part about this app is that it supports real-debrid which results in very high-quality streaming.

Cinema HD is right now the only app that is working pretty fine, there are also some apps like Mobdro and Terrarium that don’t work anymore but thankfully Cinema HD APK is working absolutely fine on Android. Cinema HD has everything from movies to TV shows to Anime.

I have been asked a lot of times that whether it is possible to install Cinema HD APK on Android or not well let me tell you it is 100% possible and today in this article I am going to show you the same.

Now let’s see what are some cool features of Cinema HD on Android.

Some Interesting Features of Cinema HD App

  • One of the best things that I really like about Cinema HD is that it is completely free to download and use. There are so many apps like this but out of all of them, this app is a pure gem.
  • It supports real-debrid integration that means if you have an account of real-debrid then you can connect it with Cinema HD to enjoy even 4K streams.
  • This app has a jaw-dropping library of movies and TV shows. Cinema HD is the only free app that uploads newly released movies and TV shows within a day or two.
  • The streaming quality of Cinema HD is out of this world, it is of very high quality and you will literally enjoy it a lot when you stream content using this app. I must have to say that the streaming quality of Cinema HD APK is closer to what we see in paid apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.
  • Cinema HD let you choose between the option whether you want Cinema APK to show ads or not and if you choose not to display ads then in return Cinema HD APK will consume more mobile data than usual. However, if you are not okay with that then you can choose the option to show ads.
  • Cinema HD allows you to choose your favorite media player while streaming content online. Although cinema HD has its own in-built media player but still if someone is not comfortable with that media player, they can choose their own favorite.

Download Cinema HD APK V2 on Android Smartphone/Tablet

Cinema HD APK latest version is currently v2.4.0 and it is now out. You can download it right now by clicking on the below download button. This updated version has bug fixes and now developers have also fixed the real-debrid issue that was arising in the previous version.

You can download and install this app on whatever Android device you are using, even on Android tablets Cinema HD works pretty fine.

Download Cinema HD V2.4 [Lates]

Setting Up Android device to Install Cinema HD APK

Now just as I said above, Cinema HD is a third-party app that means this app is not available on the Google Play Store, and all such that are not available on the App store automatically fall into the category of the third party. The main reason why this app is not available on the Google Play store is that Cinema APK provides you content that Cinema HD doesn’t own itself.

You have to enable apps from unknown sources on your Android then only you can install Cinema HD APK on Android. To do so, you don’t have to do anything just follow the below steps and it will be done.

  • First thing first, open your Andorid device.
  • Now head over to the Settings of your device.
  • There you need to search for the options known as “Apps and Notifications” or in some cases only “Apps”.
  • Scroll down and then you need to click “Special App Access”.
  • Again scroll down until you see the option “Install Unknown Apps”. Click on it.
  • Now there you need to search for Google Chrome or any other browsers that you are currently using to download the cinema HD APK and then select it.

Once the above steps are performed, you are all set to install the third-party apps on your Android device. Now let’s move on to the installation part.

How to Install Cinema HD V2 APK on any Android Smartphone & Tablet

After the app is downloaded then installing the app is super easy, just follow the below steps that I have written. I have also attached the screenshot after every step so that it would be even easier for you to understand.

Step 1) First thing first, download the APK of Cinema HD on an Android device.

Cinema HD APK on Android

Step 2) Once the app is downloaded, open the download folder and there you will see the downloaded Cinema HD APK, simply click on it.

Step 3) Now click on the Install button.

Cinema HD APK

Step 4) The app will now start installing on your Android devices. Simply wait for a few seconds until the app gets installed.

Cinema HD APK on Android

Step 5) After the app is done installing, you can click on the Open button to open up the app. However, I recommend you not to open the app yet, first delete the APK of Cinema HD because it is taking the unnecessary space on your Android device. Once the APK of Cinema HD is deleted then you can open the Cinema HD app on your Android device.

Cinema HD APK Android

So, that’s how you can install Cinema HD V2.4 on Android devices very easily. Now let’s see how this app works and how to use Cinema HD on Android.

How to Run Cinema HD on Android Smartphone & Tablet

Well, there is no rocket science in running on using the Cinema HD app, it is quite a simple and straightforward app but still, if someone needs to understand some options like how they work then I have explained it right here.

So, first of all, go and open up the Cinema HD app and when you open the app for the very first time then it will ask you to allow access to Photos, media, and files so simply click on the Allow button.

Cinema HD APK on Android 3

Now after clicking on the Allow button, it will display a disclaimer to you, I suggest you give it a read because it is very important for you to understand what you are using on your device.

Cinema HD APK on Android

After reading the Disclaimer, the app will show you if any update is available, in case you downloaded the older version of Cinema HD then the app will ask you to update it. It’s up to whether you want to update or not.

Afterward, the app will open up and you will see the main interface of the app like this:

As you can see right on the home screen, we can see all the newly released TV series and movies shows. Basically, on the home screen, the app shows both movies and TV shows/series combined.

If you see clearly then on the top left corner you will see a hamburger menu and if you click on it you will see the options like Movies, TV shows, favorites, etc. If you click on Movies then the app will display all the popular and newly released movies and the same goes with TV shows if you click on it.

Now if you scroll down a little you will see the Settings and if you click on it you will see options like Media Player, Subtitle, Performance, Download, Backup and restore, Membership, Restriction, Account, Auto-play, etc.

If you go back then on the top right corner you will see the magnifying option to search for any particular movies and TV shows. To watch your favorite movie or a TV show then search for it and open then the Cinema HD will work as a search engine and will scrap link from the internet and display it to you and then to start the stream all you have to do is click on the link and it will streaming in high quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Cinema HD Work on Samsung Smartphones?

Well, Yes why not? as I just said Cinema HD will work on every Android smartphone so don’t worry about it just go ahead and download and install the Cinema HD APK on your Samsung smartphone and start enjoying it.

What is the size of Cinema HD APK?

The size of the Cinema HD APK is very less, it is hardly 15MB.

Is Cinema HD illegal to use?

I don’t think this app is illegal because this app acts as a search engine, this app doesn’t host the content, so I think it is quite safe to use this app on Android but still using a VPN while using this app is a good idea.


If you ask me then I highly suggest you use Cinema HD instead of Netflix and Amazon Prime because Cinema HD is available for free and it has all those movies and TV shows that are not even available on paid OTT apps. I am using this app for more than a year and I am highly enjoying and never faced any issue or whatsoever.

This app is currently my favorite On-demand video content app and I am sure there is no free app that matches the level of Cinema HD. Also, installing this app is pretty easy and straightforward. If you have any doubts regarding to the installation steps then do comment below and I will try to fix your problem as soon as possible.

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