How to Install Cinema HD on Roku (May 2022)

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If you are following our site then you might have already figured out that here on this site we are posting several articles related to Cinema HD. We have posted lots of articles regarding how to install Cinema HD on different devices and today we will show you how to install Cinema HD on Roku.

Roku is one of my favorite streaming devices and I have been using Roku for the last 2 years and so far I am loving it. I know there are many Roku users like me and they want to know is there any way to install Cinema HD APK on Roku.

Since Cinema HD is a very trendy application when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows online, lots of Roku users were demanding a guide on this topic.

So, I decided to write a complete step-by-step guide to install and use Cinema HD on Roku. Now if you don’t know about Cinema HD then you can read the brief introduction of Cinema HD and some of its top-notch features.

What is Cinema HD?

In the world of paid OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc, Cinema HD is providing the same service for free. Thousands of TV shows, series, and movies are available for free of cost. The main motive behind Cinema HD is to provide the latest as well as the old TV series and movies to the audience without any charges.

Cinema HD is currently the best app that you can download to stream your favorite TV series and movies, it has a very big library of movies and TV series. The best part about Cinema HD is that it is very compact and doesn’t take much space on your device.

Cinema HD is basically developed for Android-based smartphones and TVs, so if you are someone who has an Android device then you can install Cinema HD very easily. For Roku users, don’t worry below in this article, I have explained the way to install Cinema HD on Roku devices.

Is it Possible to Install Cinema HD on Roku?

Well, it is not really possible to directly install Cinema HD on Roku because the Roku store doesn’t allow installing Cinema APK on Roku but that doesn’t mean you can not use Cinema on Roku. There is one indirect way of installing Cinema HD and today we gonna see that indirect method to install Cinema HD.

Basically, the method is nothing but casting your Android smartphone screen to the local via the application known as Local cast. All you have to do is install and run Cinema HD on Android and then you have to cast the screen of Android to your Roku TV screen.

It might be sounding confusing to you, well it is not really confusing, just see the below steps to get a better understanding of this method to use Cinema HD on a Roku device.

How to Install Cinema HD on Roku

Cinema HD on Roku

Well, to install Cinema HD on Roku, the very first step is we have to first download the Cinema HD APK on Android devices. You can download Cinema HD APK by clicking on the below button.

Download Cinema HD APK

First Step) Install Cinema HD on Android

The very first step is to download the Cinema HD APK on an Android device if you haven’t already. To know about the complete steps to download Cinema HD on Android please refer to the below guide.

How to Install Cinema HD on Android Smartphones

Second Step) Install Local Cast App on your Android device

Now the next step after installing Cinema HD on Android is to install the Local Cast app on your Android device. You can directly download the Local cast app from the Google Play Store if you don’t know how to download apps from the Google Play store then please follow the below steps.

  • Boot up your Android smartphone.
  • Now open the Google Play Store on your Android.
  • After opening it, go to the search menu and search for “Local Cast”.
  • Click on the first option that is displayed on your screen.
  • Now click on the “Install” button.
  • After the Local cast app is installed successfully, you need to follow the below steps.

Third Step) Install Local Cast Receiver app on Roku

Now as we downloaded the Local cast app as well as Cinema HD on our Android device, it is time to download the local cast receiver app on Roku in order to cast the Android screen. The Local cat receiver app is available on the Roku store you can download it directly from there. If you don’t know how to do it then please follow the below steps.

  • Open up your Roku device and TV.
  • Connect your Roku to an active internet connection.
  • Now open the Roku store on your TV.
  • When you open the Roku store you will see the search option there, so simply click on it and now you need to type “Local Cast receiver” with the help of an on-screen keyboard and your TV remote.
  • Click on the app icon.
  • Now click on the “Install” button and wait until the app is installed completely on your Roku.

Fourth Step) Cast your Android smartphone screen to the Roko TV screen

Now everything is set up in our Android smartphone as well as on Roku. Now we need to connect Android and Roku together. It is very easy to cast Cinema HD screen from Android to Roku. Below are the steps explaining the same, so please give it a read to get a better understanding.

  • Get your Android smartphone and open up the Cinema HD app on it.
  • Once the app is opened, you will see the screen like this:
    Cinema HD APK on Android
  • Now open the movie or a TV series that you are interested in watching.
  • Cinema HD will start scraping the link and after that, you need to hold any link of your choice.
  • After holding the link you will get the option of “Open with all cast”. 
  • Now the screen of your Android smartphone will appear on Roku and that’s how you can enjoy Cinema HD on Roku.

If you are facing any trouble in running cinema HD then check out this guide: How to Fix Cinema HD not Working

Done! That’s how we can install and use the Cinema HD application on Roku. I hope this article helped you in learning something new.

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I hope this article solved all your queries related to Cinema HD and Roku. As I already said Cinema HD isn’t available on Roku so the only option that we are left with is casting the Android screen to Roku TV and watching CInema HD. All the steps that I wrote above are 100% correct and if someone has any issues or if someone is stuck at any given step then do let me know by dropping the comment.

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