Cinema HD APK Download V2.4.0 Official [All Versions]

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Over time Cinema HD has really improved a lot, I still remember the time when the first version of Cinema HD got released for the public, it had so many bugs initially and TBH, it is completely fine in the initial stage. But I really appreciate the hard work of developers over time Cinema HD APK has released so many updates and each update came with something new and better than before.

Currently, the latest version of Cinema HD is V2 and it is now available to download. In this article, I have shared all the versions of Cinema HD that have been released so far. The reason why I am providing all the Cinema HD APK versions is that sometimes users don’t like the latest update and they want to switch back to the older one and that’s why I have added almost all the versions/updates of Cinema HD APK that has been released so far.

It is completely fine to switch back to the older version but I don’t really recommend that because the older version can never be better than the latest version but still, everyone has their reason and I don’t wanna question that.

Cinema HD APK Download V2.4.0 Official

Latest Cinema HD APK V2.4.0 – Download NOW!

App NameCinema HD APK
VersionCinema HD V2
Size15 MB
Downloads 10,000,000+
PlatformAndroid/Firestick/Roku/Smart TV
Android Version4.4 or above
Root Required?No
PriceFree of Cost
License Required?No
iOS supportNot Yet

So, below we have added the download link of the latest version of Cinema HD app V2.4.0, we recommend you to download the latest version only because it is so far the stable and bug-free version.

Download Cinema HD V2.4.0

But still, if someone is interested in downloading the older version of Cinema HD that is V2.7.4 then you can download that as well.

We have provided the downloads link of almost every version of Cinema HD along with the beta version.

Download Cinema HD App Old Versions

Now here I am providing all the old versions of Cinema HD APK that I have with me so far, I have all the versions of Cinema APK then released by the developers. Every version is different from the other so make sure to download the version that you are highly interested in.

However, I never recommend anyone to download the older version but if you have your own reason then go ahead, below you will find all the Cinema HD App versions from V2.3.7 to V2.3.1 we have covered it all.

Cinema HD APK v2.3.7.4 Download Now
Cinema HD v2.3.5 APK Download Now
Cinema HD v2.3.4 APK Download Now
Cinema APK v2.3.1 MOD Download Now

Important Guides:

Download Cinema HD APK Beta Versions

Below I am also sharing the download link of Cinema HD Analytics beta, now if you are a normal user who wants to stream movies and tv shows using Cinema HD then I don’t think you need to download the Cinema HD beta version because beta versions are not stable and they contain bugs.

Developers usually release the beta version of the application before the stable version for the beta tester then beta tester makes sure that if everything is perfect or not and if beta testers find any bug or issue then they report it to the developer and then only the final stable version of the app gets released.

Cinema HD APK Beta v2.4.0 Download Now
Cinema HD Analytics Beta v2.3.7 Download Now
Cinema HD Analytics Beta v2.3.6.1 Download Now
More Beta Coming Soon

Complete Changelog history of Cinema HD APK

Cinema HD V2.4.0 **Latest** Changelog: (Sept.2021)

  • In this version, developers have added more categories.
  • Developers also added Trakt’s featured lists.

Cinema HD V2.3.7.4 Changelog: (July 2021)

  • In this version, we didn’t get to see any big changes. However, developers updated the network list.

Cinema HD V2.3.7.3 Changelog: (June 2021)

This was the big update and developers did a really good job in this update, you can see below what changes developers did in this update.

  • Developers added season pack supports.
  • RealDebrid is added.
  • AllDebrid is added.
  • Premiumize.
  • Also Fixed many providers.

Cinema HD APK Analytics BETA v2.3.7.2 Changelog:

  • In this update, developers fixed the bugs that were happening in firestick and Android TV devices.
  • Developers also added season pack supports, RealDebrid, Alldebrid, and Premiumize.

Cinema HD v2.3.7.1 Beta Changelog:

  • Favorites were not syncing with Trakt is now fixed.
  • Option of Sync trakt is added.

Cinema HD Analytics BETA v2.3.6.1 Changelog:

This was the big update that was released by Cinema HD at that time, it had many changes and new features.

  • Link used to load even faster.
  • The backup and restore option was not working earlier but in this update, it got fixed.
  • Also, wrong links were permanently removed.
  • Major and minor bugs also got fixed in this update.
  • Use trakt data only option also got removed.

Cinema APK v2.3.5 changelog:

  • The speed got better than before.
  • UI smoothness improved.
  • Removal of link request to premium server added.
  • Library got updated


So, this was the complete download page of Cinema HD where we discussed different versions of Cinema HD. Just like I said above, you should always use the latest stable version of Cinema HD APK. However, if you want to use the older version for any personal reason then it is definitely fine.

I hope this guide helped you in downloading Cinema HD v2 apk on your Android, firestick, Andoird TV, iOS, PC, etc if you have any doubts then do ask me in the below comment section and I will try my best to solve your doubts as soon as possible.

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