Best Cinema HD Alternatives that are Working [August 2022]

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Cinema HD is indeed a very good application and I myself a big of this app but there are some users who want to know Cinema HD alternatives app or apps similar to Cinema HD, so today I decided to write this article, where I will tell you more than 10 such apps that are quite similar to Cinema HD and some of them are even better than Cinema HD.

Cinema HD APK is a pretty old application and as far I remember, I am using this app for almost 1.5 or 2 years and till today this app never disappointed me, although sometimes I have faced issues like the Cinema HD app not working, No links available, etc but that was all temporary issues.

However, in the past few weeks, I have noticed Cinema HD is not going as smoothly as it was before and that’s why users like me and you are now looking for a Cinema HD replacement. Well, don’t worry there are so many free movies and TV shows streaming app available that are quite similar to Cinema HD.

After receiving a lot of requests from you about the Cinema HD alternatives apps, below I have written some of the best Cinema HD alternatives that are working in 2021.

So, now without wasting any further time, let’s get the jump to the main article.

Best Cinema HD APK Alternatives Working in 2021

I have used lots of free apps that let us stream movies and TV shows, so I know what is working and what is not in today’s date. Below I have listed out the apps that I have used personally and I believe these apps are the best alternatives of Cinema HD and you should definitely try them out.

1. Viva TV

I don’t know why Viva TV didn’t get as much fame as Cinema HD, this app is really good and deserves the attention of all users. I just got to know about this app a few months ago and I installed it on my Android smartphone as well as on firestick device and I was literally surprised after using this app for a few days. This app works quite similarly to even Netflix and Cinema HD and it has all those features that we get in the latest version of Cinema V2 APK.

The best part about this app, it is very light in size and is fully compatible with Android smartphones as well as Fire TV. So, according to me, Viva TV is one of the best Cinema HD alternatives.

2. Catmouse APK

CatMouse APK is also a very underrated app and not many users really know about this app but the fact is this app has everything that a user expects from a free streaming app. Not only this app is easy to use but also this app has features like Real-debrid, all-debrid, etc.

I have personally used this app as well, and I noticed this app works pretty smoothly on both Android smartphones and Android TV. This app is also very fast when it comes to uploading the newly released movie or a TV show. The quality of the links that Catmouse scraps are somewhat better or equal to what we use to get in Cinema HD and that’s why I am putting this app in the second position.

3. Kodi

How can we forget about Kodi, technically Kodi is a Media Player app but don’t underestimate its power. There are so many developers who are developing or already developed so many useful Kodi addons that we can use to watch movies or TV shows.

It is one of the most reliable apps when it comes to streaming movies/TV Shows or Anime. This app is open source and that’s why this app gets the update very frequently. As it is an open-source app, if you are also a developer then you can contribute to this app as well, the code base of Kodi is available on Github.

Well, I am using Kodi for 3-4 years and when I don’t find my favorite movie or TV show on any app then I come to Kodi and it never disappointed me. So, I highly recommend Kodi to all those who are reading this article, in starting you may find this app a little complicated but trust me once you get used to this app then it will be like a piece of cake for you.

4) Media Lounge

Media Lounge is an amazing app that is completely free to download and I guess many of reading this name for the first time. Actually, this app is like an updated version of a popular OTT app known as Live Lounge, if you don’t know then let me tell you Media Lounge is developed by the same developer of Live lounge but as we all know Live Lounge is no more.

Live Lounge was shut down because of legal issues and then again the developer released the app but this time with a different name. Media Lounge is also a pretty good app when it comes to streaming movies, this app has a very big database of new as well as old movies or TV shows.

5) FreeFlix HQ

FreeFlix HQ is very similar to Cinema HD and Cyberflix(as the name suggests) if you are looking for an app that is easy to use, light in weight, and has all the features of Cinema HD then Freeflix HQ is the app that you can try out on your Android device.

I have tried this app personally and I don’t have any complaints, this app is completely fine and it has a good collection of newly released movies, TV series, and Anime. I highly suggest you to give this app a try at least and you won’t regret your decision.

6) Cyberflix TV

Cinema HD alternatives

Cyberflix TV is a very old app and you can this app is as old as Cinema HD. Both Cinema HD and CyberFlix TV apps were launched almost at the same time and they offer quite a similar package to their users. But that time Cinema HD got all the fame and Cybeflix went unnoticed but after a year of the launch, CyberFlix got the fame and everyone literally start showing the same love and support that they showed to Cinema HD.

I have personally used Cyberflix and Cinema HD both and I hardly noticed any difference between these two. In terms of UI, looks, working, features, etc both these apps are quite similar and I can confidently say that Cyberflix is one of the best Cinema HD alternatives in 2021.

7) Titanium TV

Cinema HD alternatives

Titanium TV is the renowned version of a famous application known as Terrarium TV. After the shut down of Terrarium TV, all users were very upset, and because terrarium TV has a very big fan base, the developer has to re-release the application and they did but with a different name. You can say Titanium TV is the upgraded version of Terrarium TV and it is a highly recommended application to use.

You may notice that this app is a mixture of both Cinema HD and old Terrarium TV, it is light in weight, clean UI that works flawlessly, features loaded and supports All-debrid as well as Real-debrid.

Supported by almost all the devices including Android TV, Android Smartphone, Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, Nvidia Shield, etc.

8) OneBox HD

Cinema HD alternatives

Many users don’t know about this application but believe me this app is also very good when it comes to streaming the latest movies and TV shows. While creating this list, I tested this app on both firestick TV and Android smartphone and I was really impressed by the features of this app and also this app has almost all the movies and TV shows that I searched for.

Even the quality of links that this app scrap is really high quality, however, one thing that I missed is the support of either All-debrid or real-debrid but that is okay, you can still consider this app when Cinema HD is showing the issue, I believe this app is also a good alternative to Cinema HD.

9) UnlockmyTV

Cinema HD alternatives

This name is very new in the world of streaming apps and I bet 90% of the users are not aware of this application. This app is quite underrated and I believe it deserves as much fame as other apps in this category have got. To be frank I didn’t use this app that much but while testing this app I noticed one thing that the UI was giving a good vibe and the customization of this app is next level. Everything was very buttery smooth and there was no lag in between navigation.

I tried searching for the availability of some movies and shows and surprisingly this app has 90% of the shows that I searched for and this made me a fan of this application.

I must have to admit the fact that this app deserves to be one of the best Cinema HD alternatives.

10) BeeTV

Cinema HD alternatives

Many of you might be mad at me because I am listing BeeTV last in the position and there is a reason for that, BeeTV is as old as Cinema HD but I never liked this application because most of the time this app has low-quality links and sometimes features like Real-debrid doesn’t work at all.

Apart from that this app is completely a useful app to watch movies and shows for free. One of the best things that I really like about this app is it has the category of Anime which contains all the latest as well as old Anime shows, so for those who are into watching Anime then this app is like a gem.

So, all in all, this app is worth a try and even the working of this app is similar to Cinema HD, so if any want to try this Cinema HD alternative then go ahead and install it on your Android smartphone, fire tv, Android TV, etc.

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Final Words

So guys I hope you liked the list of best Cinema HD alternatives that are working in 2021. I have personally created this list after trying each and every app that is listed above. If you ask me about which app should we use in the place of Cinema HD then my personal recommendation would be Viva TV. However, all the other apps are also equally good and will get the job done.

If you are having any suggestions or if you want me to add any app that you like then do comment below and I will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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